Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection in Garden Grove, CA

Most homeowners can detect any anomalies in their plumbing system. If a component is not working properly, they can tell so just by comparing past experiences and water quality. Although plumbing problems often have obvious signs and symptoms, it can be quite difficult to locate what’s causing the problem. And in return, finding out a solution would be very challenging.

How would you know which pipe is clogged when the pipes are beneath the walls or hidden under? Is there a way to finally see what pipe is leaking? Did your water drainage slowed down or not? Why is there a funny smell coming from your plumbing? Fortunately, these questions can now be answered easily using the aid of technology. If you cannot pinpoint your plumbing problem, you might want to consider getting a sewer camera inspection.

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection service is a plumbing service offering that helps in diagnosing existing issues. It is a tool that plumbers use to find various issues without digging up your pipes and manually inspecting them. By using a long, robotic snake with a camera attached, the plumbers can see any leaks, clogs, and other problems in your pipeline.

The camera snake is unlikely to damage any pipe due to its flexible structure. It can accommodate the shape of the pipes while keeping its integrity due to a waterproof casing. With the camera attached, plumbers can do a visual inspection in a non-invasive way. Most sewer camera inspection tools can be used on concrete pipes, sewer pipes, and more without the need to remove any walls or dig out trenches.

What Is The Scope Of This Service?

Plumbers utilize the Sewer Camera Inspection method and device to find possible issues and administer solutions accordingly. In most cases, this service is commonly used to check drain line backups, slow draining, or potential pipe clogs. Here are some of the widely known issues that a sewer camera can find easily.


Leaks are easier to find when the pipe is exposed because there is visual evidence available. But that might not be the case when it comes to underground leaks or those that are well hidden. With the help of the sewer camera inspection, plumbers don’t have to manually check all the pipes for leaks. Just a quick camera run and the faulty pipe can be mapped out easily.

Drainage Issues

Another plumbing problem wherein a sewer camera inspection could be a useful tool in detecting drainage or stoppage issues. When the sewer is clogged due to waste, water, and other debris, its functionalities are also affected. By using a camera, plumbers can determine the cause of drainage issues without doing an excavation.

Faulty Connections

This problem can run on either the sewers or within the faucet pipes. A faulty connection often can happen when the pipes are moved (either naturally or due to people interaction) and the connections became misaligned. A problem such as this one can stop the whole functionality of the plumbing system altogether. Hence, a prompt remedial plan should be done to further mitigate the existing problems.


Corrosion usually happens inside the pipe because of constant exposure to water. This problem is usually a staple in older houses, wherein galvanized pipes are often used in the plumbing system. A sewer camera is often deployed in this situation to efficiently know which pipe needs sudden replacements. Modern pipes made with PVC are not prone to this damage.

Pipe Material

There are a few cases in which the plumbing pipes are not recognizable outside, or are well hidden to examine its casing. Pipe material is a relevant factor since repair is almost impossible without knowing what material is needed. With a quick look using the camera, plumbers can determine what type of pipe is used.


If you live in a particularly shady area, tree roots can occasionally grow into a sewer line. But since this situation is underground, nobody would likely know what happens unless a sewer camera is utilized. Root instructions can cause cracks, punctures, and can spearhead corrosion. This problem should be handled carefully by a professional and experienced plumber.

When Should You Use A Sewer Camera Inspection?

One of the major usages of a sewer camera inspection is to find out what causes a repeated case of drain line backups pr clogging. By taking a look at the whole system, plumbers are able to detect any issues that need patching up. Another great application for this technology is getting a professional look at a house’s plumbing system before purchasing.

Garden Grove Plumber Sewer Camera Service

Sewer Camera Inspection services are just one of the numerous offerings from Garden Grove Plumber. This service is among other plumbing operations such as drain cleaning, hot water system, and various residential and commercial services. If you want to know more about this offering, feel free to call our customer service hotline or fill-up the form to receive your free quotation.