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Dealing with plumbing problems is a big pain in the neck for most homeowners. A plumbing system is an essential part of every home. When the whole system breaks, it can affect a lot of our daily functions. But just like any man-made structure, plumbing systems are affected by wear and tear. And in most cases, the signs of usage often manifest in the pipes.

Plumbing pipes enable the majority of plumbing system’s functions. A damaged pipe can significantly affect the system,  even if only one or two pipe breaks or malfunctions. Requesting help from a repipe specialist is always recommended when repiping needs to be done.

What Is Repiping?

Repiping is the method of removing an old and damaged pipe out of the plumbing system and replacing it with a new one. This task is needed to be done as soon as possible to reduce further damages to the plumbing system. Without the integrity of the piping structure, the whole system will not function properly, or will not function at all.

The whole repiping process can be invasive and time-consuming. Calling a repipe specialist is actually more beneficial to most homeowners than a DIY repiping project. Homeowners can even save money when opting straight for a repipe specialist service compared to a traditional plumber because no additional diagnostics is required.

Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Repiping Services

There are four signs to watch out for when it comes to repiping your plumbing system. If you noticed one or more of these signs happening, you might want to call a repiping specialist near you to address these problems. Here are the top four signs that your pipes are giving out and need immediate replacements.

1. Old Plumbing System

You might want to consider repiping If you own an old house, and there is no history of plumbing modifications for 50 years or more. This is a proactive way of keeping your systems functional, don’t wait before anything wrong happens. Old homes usually have galvanized steel as a material for the pipes, which likely needs replacing after a few decades of use.

2. Water Discoloration

Have you noticed any discoloration from the water that comes in your faucet? Water discoloration can be due to various plumbing issues. But on instances wherein there is reddish or brownish tint in the water, there is a high chance that your pipes are already rusting. When this happens, you should call for professional help immediately, as your water is likely contaminated.

3. Weak Water Flow

Another tell-tale sign of a compromised pipeline is a weak water flow. Pipes endure a daily beating from water pressure to make sure that the water is distributed properly around the house. However, if there is a broken pipe or even some cracks on the fittings, the pressurized air will leak out. The effect of this is the noticeable weakening of the water flow.

4. Pipe Leaks

And last but not the least, pipe leaks are major signs that your current pipeline needs replacement. Although there are some instances where pipes might leak, a frequent leaking problem is a clear sign of a deeper plumbing problem. This is especially true if you happen to get this symptom alongside other signs mentioned above.

Types Of Repiping Services

Repiping often needs elaborate planning and setup, depending on the type of service needed. The repiping service that you might need will depend on what kind of material is available in your system.

1. PEX Repiping

PEX repiping session is recommended for those who like a cost-effective solution for their aging pipes. As long as the fittings and installations are done cleanly, PEX repiping is a reliable system to have. For this type of repiping, getting a repipe specialist service is highly recommended to ensure proper installation.

2. Copper Repiping

This repiping service is better suited for plumbing systems that use old galvanized pipes. In most cases, corroded galvanized pipes usually make the water flow weaker due to low water pressure. If your plumbing system doesn’t need an overhaul, a few copper repiping would do the trick to fix the low water pressure.

3. Drain Repiping

Drain repiping is caused by a huge clog from accumulated biomaterials inside a pipe. If you’re experiencing this issue even after doing numerous solutions, you might want to just consider replacing the affected pipe. This is especially true if the water starts to have funny odors on it.

Garden Grove Plumber Repiping Services

When it comes to repiping, you need to get the best plumbers or repiping specialists around to ensure the proper installation of new pipes. Garden Grove Plumber offers repiping services done by experts with years of experience and technical knowledge to do the job properly. Don’t forget to make a call or fill out our online form to get an appointment or free quotation.