Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Garden Grove, CA

Just like other appliances and systems, your plumbing system needs regular maintenance and cleaning to work. Maintaining a clean system does not only keep your components working properly, but it also comes with other benefits. There are homeowners that don’t bother getting their drains cleaned, only to suffer from expensive repairs later on.

If you can’t fit drain cleaning in your schedule, you still have a very convenient option: call a professional plumber. Drain cleaning services are offered by various plumbing care providers such as Garden Grove Plumbing. We will learn more about drain cleaning and clogged drain removal in the following article below.

Drain Cleaning Services

A drain cleaning service is a maintenance service that focuses on keeping the drains and pipes clean and clog-free. Just like car maintenance, plumbers will regularly use various methods to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. With this proactive approach, common drain issues are prevented without any downtime and additional costs for repairs.

There are tons of reasons why drain cleaning is an important part of keeping a great drain and pipeline system. One of the major reasons is the improved lifespan of the drain. Drains usually accumulate damage due to all sorts of materials that pass through them regularly. But with regular cleaning, the damage is proactively minimized due to better efficiency.

Another major benefit of getting a regular drain cleaning session is the prevention of clogging. Pipes tend to get clogged due to accumulated materials that had been stuck inside. In most cases, clogging is remedied by repiping. But you don’t have to worry about repiping more often if you clean your drains regularly.

And last but not the least, regularly maintaining your drain and pipes will prevent any bad smell from developing while making your drains and pipes more efficient. Basically, availing of a drain cleaning service is a must if you want to avoid frequent repairs and prolong the lifespan of your plumbing components.

Common Materials Found In Drains And Pipes

Food materials, oil, and other organic things such as dirt and mineral build-up are usually the cost of clogging or performance reduction. In the bathroom, soap sludge can accumulate and prevent your system from effectively draining the water. Either way, consistent maintenance will greatly help in avoiding clogs from happening.


Methods of Drain Cleaning

Expert plumbers usually choose between two methods of cleaning drains and pipes: chemical cleaners and hydro jetting. Some plumbing services favor the other, while some offer both options to the customer. Either way, both are effective in removing gunks and other unwanted materials in your pipes and drains.

Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are the commercially manufactured strong solution that breaks the gunk and other materials into smaller forms to allow drain and pipe cleaning. Although this method is very effective (even on tougher materials,) too many chemical cleaners would damage the pipe. Not to mention that this option is not as eco-friendly as the next option. However, this method is no doubt more effective in cleaning than hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting

On the other hand, hydro jetting is done by using a high-powered water stream inside the drain and the pipe. This allows a substantial cleaning inside your system. And since it doesn’t use any chemicals, hydro jetting is considered an eco-friendly alternative as well.

Depending on the situation of your current plumbing system, you might or might not have to resort to chemical cleaners. In most instances, hydro jetting is the recommended option due to its non-invasive and harmless process. If you’re unsure what kind of cleaning to take, you might want to ask for more information from your local plumber.

How About Clogged Drain Services?

Clogged drain services are quite different compared to drain cleaning. In this option, the customer is already has a clogged pipe that needs to be attended to. Plumbers usually utilize a specialized device called “Plumbing Snakes” to disengaged the clog inside the pump to remove it. In some cases, repiping is the only option to make the system work again.

This service is very different to drain cleaning, which aims to prevent clog build-up in the first place. Because the system is consistently maintained clean and squeaky, you don’t need to worry about problems brought about by clogging. Hence, if you already have a clog problem, it would be best to opt for clogged drain services. But to reduce or prevent clogging occurrences, a drain cleaning package is the best for you.

Garden Grove Drain Cleaning

Here at Garden Grove Plumber, we offer both unclogging services and drain cleaning to help you address your plumbing problems. If you don’t know what service is better for your situation, you can get a free quotation by calling our customer hotline or filling up our online form. We also offer a wide range of plumbing services in both residential and commercial settings.