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Garden Grove Plumber is your full-service plumbing solutions in Garden Grove, CA. We offer 24-hour services for all your plumbing needs. We know sometimes an urgent plumbing need cannot wait. We can work with your schedule and help you with everything from leak detection and sewer inspections to clearing out root obstructions, grease blockages, and other threats that might keep your plumbing system from working at its best.

  • Residential and commercial services available
  • Drain cleaning for all parts of your property
  • Water heater support

Our Services

Plumbing Services

Contact us at Garden Grove Plumber 24 hours a day with whatever plumbing needs you have.

Residential Services

Is your Garden Grove home’s plumbing system not working? Contact us 24 hours a day for help with everything from heater repair and replacement to installing new faucets, toilets, or shower valves.

Commercial Services

We can help Garden Grove businesses with all their plumbing needs, from finding leaks to clearing out grease and other obstructions. We’ll ensure you receive the help you deserve.

Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s from grease, a tree root, soap scum, or whatever else might be stuck, we can help you clean out your drains and ensure they can function again.

Hot Water System

Are you struggling to get a warm shower going in the morning? Maybe your plumbing system is developing ugly odors. Whatever the case, we can help you repair or replace your hot water system.

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Our team at Garden Grove Plumbing understands that plumbing issues can we complicated and frustrating. You might need assistance with removing clogs, fixing leaks, or fixing or replacing plumbing items around your property. We’ll take care of everything for you to ensure your plumbing system is working without problems.

  • Open 24 hours a day
  • We can fit with your schedule
  • We offer years of experience in work

Expert Repairman

Our professionals have years of experience in recognizing and managing plumbing problems of all sorts.

Fully Licensed

All plumbers at Garden Grove Plumbing are licensed to operate in the state of California.

Satisfied Services

Check out our customer reviews to see how satisfied people are with our services.

On Time Service

We’ll be there in a few minutes after you ask us for help. We can arrive based on your schedule.


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The workers at Garden Grove Plumbing were very responsive. They helped me with fixing a drain in my bathroom and in getting a new and more efficient toilet installed.


My business greatly appreciates the services Garden Grove Plumbing provides. They can come to my office before the working day begins, handle all the work there, and clean up before we open.


The workers here were open and honest in letting me know what my property needed, and they never pressured me into anything I didn’t need.

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How we Work

Our certified plumbers at Garden Grove Plumbing will be there for all your unique plumbing needs. We provide a 24-hour service that will help you with everything from your basement and kitchen to your bathrooms, utility rooms, and any other place that requires help.

We provide solutions that fit all your needs. We’ll help you with leaking or dislodged pipes and fix them fast. We can also detect various leaks around your property, plus we can use a sewer camera review to pinpoint any concerns in your setup. We can work for all homes and business sites in Garden Grove, including properties with raised foundations.

Our experts can also clean out drains and obstructions. Every plumbing situation has a different concern, whether it entails a tree root blocking a space or grease from cooking getting stuck in the drain. We’ll review the situation at hand and find a solution that fits that specific issue.
We’ll also repair the sewage system in your property, whether it involves clearing out a line or emptying a sewage tank. We provide a trenchless service with little to no digging required.

Don’t forget about getting a new toilet, sink, faucet, showerhead, or water heater ready on your property. We offer installation services for all of these and more. We can provide you with new systems that work well and can even use less water or energy than you might expect.

We’re always ready to help you with whatever plumbing needs you require in Garden Grove. Our 24-hour service ensures you’ll receive the help you need right away without having to wait.

We operate and service the following Garden Grove zip codes and surrounding cities: 92840, 92841, 92846, 92842, 92843, 92844